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Bene tribe Bull Jumping Ceremony.  The kid doing the bull jumping is Gaito Loka and it is a coming of age ceremony for the Hamar and Bene tribes.  Woman that are related to the boy get whipped in support of him.  The idea is that at some point if they need help they can go to him and say "look... I was there to support you at your bull jumping, SEE THE SCARS... now I need your help."..Bull jumpings also have a lot of dancing and activity so they have become local tourist attractions... even this one that is so remote.  The CAMERA CLUB group with tripods is all a separate trip put on by Steve Turner...Contacts:.Steve Turner... 254 722 707521..Robel Pedros Local guide for Surma.+ 251 911 423112.Daniel Tesfaye  +251 912 029726
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