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Zhapo, PRC China has a huge Jellyfish fisherie, the entire town slings laundry tubs of gelatinous mucous like jellyfish if it is cloudy day and they can see the masses of jelly from their boats.  You have to be aware of cultural differences... People in China like to eat jellyfish because of the texture.  But, to me, a jellyfish fishery is "fishing down the food chain."  With less and less predators (sharks are down 80 percent) this kind of creature that is lower on the food chain tends to thrive..There are four guys carrying laundry tubs of mucous goo.... they are Cai Xing Duan (crooked back), Cai Xing Ping, Wang Fu Quan, and Cai Xiao Yuan... Contact is thru Cai Xing Ping (who helped us on other stuff) address is Qing An Street, Zhapo, Yangjiang, Guangdong, China..Main or phone number: +(86) 139 2214 1600.Nicole Cheng.Senior Associate-Guangzhou.Burson Marsteller.Room 6805A, CITIC Plaza, 233 Tianhe North Road.Guangzhou, 510613 P.R.C..+8620 3877 1820 X229 Work Phone.3877 1815 reef fish only came from the South China Sea, but transport developed and fish now come from all over S.E. Asia.  The whole reef fish trade crashed with the 97-98 HK stock market crash.  LRF trade is directly linked to economy.  With China coming online financially the trade is booming.  These fish are often used for celebratory meals in Hong Kong, but in Guangzhou the fish are so cheap and the apartments are so small that many people eat out...  And the stereotype is that there is lots of food left on the table.  Often a fish is popular because of its color... more than its taste.
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