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Jennifer Wilson Pines plants natives to her home garden with a focus on attracting birds and wildlife. She is partial to shrubs that berry, like aronia, amelanchior, blueberry and <br />
blackberry to attract fruit-eating species like catbird, robin,mockingbird and oriole. She also planted monarda to attract hummingbirds, and goldenrod, aster, joe pye weed, swamp milkweed and butterfly weed to attract beneficial insects and butterflies. <br />
Jennifer was instrumental in having a native plant display garden installed in Port Washington by the Manhasset Bay Protection Committee to encourage use of native plants in home <br />
landscaping, and has worked with The Nature Conservancy to design a native plant garden for our Uplands property. wrote a successful small grant for a native plant restoration at <br />
Garvies Point Museum and Preserve, a Nassau County site, that required over 650 volunteer hours to clear of a massive infestation of rosa multiflora, Norway maple, garlic mustard and <br />
burning bush (chain saws and pick axes), plant, and maintain over the course of a year.
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