Alaskan Logging Contest

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There are remnants of the heyday of the logging industry.  The last annual logging show held in Southeast is held in Thorne Bay on Prince of Wales Island.<br />
This is not a tourist event, but the real thing. Couples take turns on the misery whip--an old two person bladed saw--and are timed to see who can cut through a log the fastest.   A day of competing cutting and climbing skills a trophy is awarded to Logger of the Year.<br />
<br />
 Men and women team up to cut through a hard spruce  log in a timed event called "Jack and Jill." They use the "Misery whip," a two person bladed saw that takes muscles and skill to maneuver.There was a two person wheelbarrow race.  They also compete to empty a skiff full of water, toss hatchets at a target, throw chain saws, stack wood, and the big event is to climb a 65 foot pole..Cody Thomas, independent logger competes in many of the events.  Cody Hillis and Dianne Wagner watch before their turn to compete..
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