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Liu Yi (leoh E) +86 138 1001 5583 her home with her husband and her parents. Husband is Ryan and his mobile is +86 139 1016 6633. She is assistant to Jack, the CEO and recently married. She used her marriage as an excuse to get out of a boring insurance company.  But she was out of work for 6 months.  She says this place has changed her life... but basically she just likes a more vibrant workplace.  She makes about USD 500 a offices.  They have a climbing wall... the CEO's computer used to found the company is embedded in one of the walls... equations are worked out on the glass walls of the managers offices. The guy on the climbing wall is Ruan Guowei,  +86 135 0117 6129.Contacts for the company are: CEO Jack Zhou+86 139 1066 6168  and PR manager Luo Peng +86 139 1041 1230 is Evelyn +86 137 1896 4824
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