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Minister of fisheries at his home.  His name is Ditbo Ka and he is in photographs with his wife and his niece.  His niece is our contact, she works as head of human relations at Senevisa, which is the largest shipping company operating in Senegal.  Her name is Niama Diarra Sarr and her contact info  phone is +221 889 6868 and her mobile is +221 633 99 72.  There are photographs of the three together and also when he is receiving groups of students that are loyal to him and his political party...Industrialized fishermen pay a license to fish, but then there is no limit for how much they can catch.  The artesenal fishermen are not regulated in any way.  The govt is realizing they have to have some control and banned fishing in November and are opening 5 MPA's...600,000 Senegalese participate in the fishing industry.  When you multiply that number times the 6 or 7 kids they each have and other dependents, you can see that this is a significant percentage of the 12 million Senegalese.  Eighty percent of the fish caught are caught by artesinal fishermen.
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