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Bull jumping in the Karo tribe only happens once in a generation.  This time it is happening in Duss -- so everyone is very busy with the preparations.  There will be about 14 bull jumpers in this generations group.  Lale's group was the group of the elephant. There are mothers of the bull jumpers with ostrich feather head dresses.  The mother in these photographs is interesting though.  Her name is Muko Balguda and this is her first boy to go thru the manhood ceremony.  She had 12 children that she killed before she was married.  There was war with the Nyangatom and everyone was too busy to schedule a bull jumping so she lived with her boyfriend and had 12 babies before he was able to go thru with the bull jumping and marry her.  Babies out of wedlock are killed by putting soil in their mouths and leaving them in the bush... this is called Mingi killing by the Karo and one reason why their numbers are not as much as other tribes.  Maku had three children within a marriage and one died of natural causes.  The bull jumper (naked guy) in these photos is her first son to do this..Contacts:..Lale
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