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Paul Jones (the Jones of Dow Jones) has pumped 20 million dollars into Grumeti Reserve and conservation efforts to date and has nothing yet that will recoup that money.  Before he can bring wealthy tourists in on their lear jets, he has to bring the animals back into Grumeti Reserve.  To do that, he and his team are doing everything right for conservation.  The human bycatch from their private army of anti-poaching team is another story, but in terms of conservation, they are doing a great job.  ..The Grumeti Reserves are trying to reshape the entire northeast corner of the park area.  this is the greatest threat to the migration.  They are developing a five star hotel and an exclusive camp that will cost 1500 to $2000 a night and only put 40 more tourists a day into the park.  Albeit by helicopter.  They are pumping money back into the community (unlike the Masai situation).  They have to according to Tanzania law.  they have drilled 200 wells for communities and funded schools, textbooks etc... This is in stark comparison with the Masai who have nothing even though they are sitting next to the number one tourist attraction in Tanzania.  My filming permit was $100 a day so in 30 days that is $3000.  Grumeti is drilling wells for communities and has the cost down to $5000 per well.  And yet the of the six major Maasai communities in the NCA, only two have wells.  My filming permit alone would almost pay for one of those wells.  But the general consensus is the Kleptocrats in Dar Es Salaam syphon the money away.  It makes sense that they want to triple tourism to the area because it will further line their pockets...Grumeti Reserves.Rian and Lorna Labuschagne.Managing 744 83 69 02 mobile.Arusha office.PO Box 0.Burka Coffee Estates Offices.Dodoma Road.Arusha Tanzania.255 27 2508976 or 8 Phone.2508977 fax.Sasakwa Office 255 28 2621522 or 3.Barbara Schachenmann-Suter.Community Development Mgr..255 744
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