Carrying Wounded Casualty of War

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Carrying wounded to plane.A wounded soldier hangs onto a pole to assist in his rescue while being carried to a waiting plane. He was one of five soldiers who waited on the runway for five days with gunshot wounds hoping a plane would come through. In the town of Jiech, the northern government of Sudan allows no flights, and planes are routinely shot down in this corridor.  Rebels fight MIGS and helicopter gun ships with tractors and Kalashnikovs...Story Summary:.Sudan, the largest country in Africa, hosts a civil war between the Islamic North and the African South that has the highest casualty rate of any war since World War II...Two and a half million people have been killed in this insidious conflict.  It drags on because Southerners have no voice, and the Northerners have engineered "The Perfect War" where none of their people are killed...The North forces people out of the South by bombing them, burning their crops, and harassing them with gunships. They abduct their children and draft them to fight with the Northern army--forcing southerners to fight their own brothers...This story is particularly interesting now because there is a small window for peace in a civil war that has been dragging on since the end of colonial rule.  The war has always been about tribal issues and ideology... but more than that, it is about resources.  This clash over resources may bring peace.  The North controls the pipeline and the only port, and the South controls the land...The story of Sudan has always been the continual transference of wealth from the resources of the south to the elite few who live in the deserts of the north.  And the sucking sound in the middle of the country is from the corrupt government in northern Khartoum..
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