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Rose Wedding Festival.  70 couples in a mass marriage starting at a shopping mall and then traveling to Century Park for the ceremony.  These weddings used to involve gold jewelry, but DeBeers started a big advertising push to make diamonds synonymous with weddings.  Couples sign their best wishes on a giant mirrored diamond outside the shopping mall...Woman holding sign for couples number 32-43 is Hu YiYi +86 137 6123 0252 and couple immediately behind her on the left is Guo Feng and Wang Ya ( from Motorcade to Century Park have one situation where a couple is kissing shot from the back... Chen Zhi Yu and Yuan Fei ( THIS COUPLE IS RELEASED..The couple reviewing video in 2nd floor of shopping mall where everyone got made up is: Chen Yongliang and bride Chen Fei ( and phone is 6256 5900)..AND best frame of couples signing huge mirrored diamond is Khalid Memon ( and Hana Zhao (bride)
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