Mustang Stallions Battle

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Stallions fiercely battle for dominance and mares. These fighting studs are part of the Gila herd that genetic testing shows descend from horses brought by the Spanish Conquistadors. <br />
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The Gilas are mostly dun colored with a black dorsal stripe, black main and tail, and many have primitive dark zebra stripes on their legs.<br />
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The Gila herd was wily and hid in the salt cedars to escape capture for at least 100 years.  Then in 1996, 75 of the horses were gathered with plans to sell them at auction (for consumption in Europe), but ISPMB stepped in and rescued the entire herd.<br />
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The herd was rescued by Karen Sussman of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros.  The first president of that organization was Velma Johnston, "Wild Horse Annie," who is responsible for 1971 legislation that first protected wild horses and burros.
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