Mustang Trainer

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Mustang trainers have strong bonds with the horses they work with daily. Wild horses that are tamed make reliable, surefooted mounts. <br />
Kitty and Rick Lauman train horses--many mustangs--working with horses, not against them. Their children, Josie and Tanner ride mustangs.  Kitty gives a riding lesson.  Kitty Lauman started her career as a horse trainer at the tender age of nine, under the guidance of her grandfather, John Sharp. She later became a top Pee Wee and High School Rodeo contestant, competing in barrel racing and cutting, among other events. Despite her mother's assertion that "horse training isn't a real job," Kitty managed to make a living as a trainer after high school (and her mom now helps out with the business!) Kitty won the title of Miss Rodeo Oregon in 1994, and since then, has continued to expand her horse training knowledge and experience.
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