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The United States killed this family's only son in the March 2006 bombing of Baghdad.  They tried to get out of Iraq the next day and swear they will never return the memory of their son being killed right in front of them is just too much.  The four people next door to them were killed as well as a brother in law and a number of cousins.  The children still have minor scars.  They spent 2006 thru 2009 in northern Iraq Kurd territory trying to get refugee status to get into Turkey.  They were processed at the Kumkapi Refugee Center in 2009 and their passports were kept in return for Turkish identity papers and the promise that they would not leave Istanbul.  UNHCR got them medical and school status.  The father says they like Turkey and he would even consider the fake marriage that many Islam foreigners do but even that would take them 5 years.  They keep their bags packed with all their possesions because they will leave soon for a Turksih refugee camp.  All the possesions you see in their house have been donated and they will leave them behind... only taking their already packed suitcases.  They will have less freedom at the refugee camp, but it is a big mystery to them.  They figure they will be in the camp for a year.  They are free on the streets now because Turkey is kind to immigrants even though they don't really accept them.  The Turkish govt is allowing the kids to finish school this year before forcing the family into a refugee camp.  They think they have a good chance to get into the USA (ironically) because of sympathy for what we did to their child...Turkey is primarily affected by internal migration.  Istanbul was 2 million 30 years ago and is now 12 million.  People I photographed in Yayla (Agricultural) lifestyle 10 years ago are now all office workers in Istanbul.  There just isn't a good way to make a living in the rural areas anymore.  In 30 years Turkey has gone from being 70 percent rural to 70 percent urban.  The average in the world is 51 per
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