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Kimura (last name) Jiroemon is 113 years old and the oldest MAN in Japan (there are two WOMEN who are older).  His grand-daughter-in-law is taking care of him today... her name is Kimura (last name) Eiko.  He was retired around the time I was born (I am 52).  ..From the researcher:.2).The Eldest Man in Japan May8, 2010/Saturday from 2p.m.-..A 113-year-old, the eldest man in Japan, is Mr. Jiroh-uemon KIMURA..He was born on April 19, 1897 or the Meiji year-30, worked at post offices for 38 years..He usually spend a couple of hours reading newspapers with a magnifying glass..Lives with his grand-daughter, Ms. Eiko KIMURA and her family..Every day, aside from daily meals, he eats yogurt, salted-pickled plum or UMEBOSHI, sweet potato, and drinks milk...He tries not to worry about daily issues and believes that there's a brighter day ahead of him...According to Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as of 2008, the average life span for men is 79-point-29, and for women, 86-point-05...Also, on May 5 this year/2010, The Children's Day, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released the number of children, age up to 14, is 16-point-94, down 190-thousand y-o-y, marking 29th decline since 1982..The ratio of the children is 13-point-3 %, the record low..
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