Nun Walking through Convent Yard

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Eleven nuns make their home behind closed walls, living a life of commitment to poverty and celebacy at Val Mustiar, a world-famous Benedictine Convent of St. John.  It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The alpine monastery was founded by Charlemagne, was built in the 8th century. Since the 12th century the monastery is run by Benedictine nuns. <br />
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The church houses the world's richest and best preserved series of figuratives Romanesque murals with impressive Carolingian frescos.<br />
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Each nun has her work and they come together for prayer and meals. Monday is laundry day.  Sister Hyacynth helps Sister ... who has worked in the laundry for 20 years.  Sister Mariflora makes fresh juice in the kitchen.  Sister Clara prepares lamb cake for Easter and colors eggs.<br />
The nuns speak a variation of the Romanche language. The dialect changes from valley to valley from Mustair to St. Moritz.
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