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Enterprising Icelanders have figured out how to salvage the waste from the fish factories.  They take the discarded carcasses and heads to hang them on racks to dry and send to Nigeria.  There are football fields of hand tied fish heads in the lava fields outside Hafnafjord (near the blue lagoon).  Portugese gave the Nigerians a taste for dried fish heads at some point...The factory is Svalpufa and the manager is Arnar +354 899 8744...The Polish worker collecting dried fish heads wearing Chinese looking flapped hat (in most of the photos) is Waskiel Jan and his phone in Poland is 00 488 566 16 169.Address is:.123 rm 27.Popieluszki.15-657 Bialystok.Poland..Other Polish worker in a few frames is:.Konopelski Tadeusz.00 488 975 88 579.Dobrzyki 5/14-230.Olsztyn, Zalewo.Poland
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