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Nande Toleca Bike DriversÑResupply for Gold Mine--Early Warning System..From Paul Salopek:  "To reach the land of the Mbutis Ð a 23,000-square-mile greenhouse called the Ituri Forest Ð you must follow men pushing squeaking bicycles.  This isn't difficult. You can see them swarming antlike throughout the wilds of eastern Congo. Jacknifed at the waist, generally emaciated, their eyes glazed with exhaustion, they manhandle bikes that are sagging under mountains of goods: bags of rice and gold dust, women's underwear and bullets, live goats and coffins, gasoline and cases of Coca-Cola. Some of these cargoes tilt and spill into the mud. Others bounce wildly down steep hills, and explode across jungle trails. No matter. Slowly, with stupefying patience, the cyclists stoop and gather up their battered merchandise; they plod onward, advancing at a shuffle, rolling their burdens across the colossal belly of a continent. ..
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