Workers Sort Fish at Cannery

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Workers unload fish at Norquest cannery.   It is salmon season and boats are full of pinks (humpies), silvers,(coho), reds (sockeye), chum (dog) and king (chinook).  Halibut is unloaded and weighed.  Each fish ranged from 15 to 150 pounds with most averaging around 65.  The orange fish is a deep water fish called a Yelloweye.  Norquest is a small family operation founded in 1916--recently sold to Trident.  They employ about 60 workers..Petersburg is a town of 3100 of Norwegian fisherman on Mitkof Island that was settled at the turn of the last century.  It was a Tlingit fishing village 2000 years ago.  Today three seafood processing plants.  The port has the largest home-based halibut fleet in the Southeast. Petersburg is blessed to have shallow waters so cruise ships cannot enter the Narrows and it has remained a thriving, working community that is proud of that fact.  .
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