Hunters in Orange Safety Vests with Deer

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Hunters shot several elusive Axis deer on opening day of the hunting season on the island of Lanai. Axis deer were a royal gift to the islands in 1868 islands from Hong Kong. Five were brought to Maui in 1959 for hunting and now there are 10,000 deer eating their way through Hawaii's native plants. They are on several islands and proliferating without having predators. <br />
Opinions are sharply divided on managing axis deer. <br />
On one hand, they have built a fence around endangered plants on Haleakala National Park to protect them from the deer. They are hunting to eradicate all deer within the fenced area. <br />
On the other hand, people come to Hawaii to hunt axis deer. It is a source of income for people on the island of Lanai who also enjoy the sport of hunting the small illusive deer that <br />
never loses its spots.
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