Staying in Shape in Remote Places

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Kurilskoe Lake Preserve is a world heritage site and had serious poaching.  Tikhon brought in a group of wardens from the Sochi area of Russia (Caucus mountains) so that they would have no local contacts or ties to poaching brigades and would clean up the area.  He learned about them thru the reserve system... they have a reputation as a clean group... there are 4 brothers and Sergei who served with one of the brothers in Khazakstan.  Two or three of the wardens are always out on enforcement... they pack out for over a month at a time.  The official salary for wardens is $200 a month, but the WWF came in and supplemented salaries and bought them the equipment they need to do the job.  My gut instinct is that enforcement for poaching in Kamchatka is pretty much nil... but they decided one of the gems of the reserve system in all of Russia should be poaching free..The two wardens in photos are:.Anatoli Lazarenko (bearded guy) and Sergei Shurunov (lifting weights they manufactured out of scrap metal).+7 918 101 3918..Main contact for the preserve is:.Tikhon Shpelemok.Head of Kurilskoe Preserve.+7 914 621 6607..Main contacts for this story are.Yuliya 503 318 5429..Martha Madsen.+7 962
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