Maasai Woman

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Maasai family between Ndutu and Olduvai gorge in the NCA.  Maasai are semi-nomadic pastoralists and they move their cattle away from the migration when the wildebeest are calving.  The afterbirth can give their cows disease.  Because the NCA is a multi-use area and there are many people looking after conservation, but very few involved with social services, the Maasai are caught in the middle.  Rules are incredibly strict in terms of cultivation, firewood and other basics of a pastoral existence.  There are six main communities in the NCA and only two have wells.  The Maasai in this area generally share their water supply with their animals and survive mostly on milk and porridge. ..The migration is like the wild west before they killed all the buffalo.  1.5 million wildebeest are like a train with 200 cars and each car dumps 20 tons of dung a day.  Fertilizer for the entire ecosystem.  Just the saliva from their mouths is enough to keep the grass hydrated..
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