Reflections of Sun on Mud Flats After Storm

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Aerial of mud flats just outside town of Wyndham.  This scene is about one minute away from the landing strip at Wyndham. We circled in front of this single cell storm as it moved across the landscape.  Contact for this is our pilot: Oasis Air Pilot--Ryan 0409209478..Aerials are mostly the King River, but it is hard for me to be sure because there are so many snaking rivers/creeks through these mudflats.  These mudflats are drivable during the dry season.  This is mpossible to do during the wet... The rains wash the dirt into the rivers and creeks and the silt runs out to the ocean.  There is so much silt that the pearl divers I photographed can't even see their hands in front of their faces during this period..
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