Formal Wedding Dance on a Glacier

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Karl Newkirk and Ann (Ricky) Arnsby - Glacier Wedding.Diane Pearson has started arranging weddings for people who want to get married on a glacier.  The couple arrived from a cruise ship in a stretch limo, put on their crampons and flew by helicopter onto the Mendenhall Glacier.  There they said their vows, drank champagne, ate caviar and wedding cake and then danced to their favorite song on top of the ice.  .Karl, a native Ohioan, packed his bags and came to Sarasota, Florida shortly after retirement in early 2002.  He spotted Ricky across the room at a crowded restaurant.  He knew she was Ricky is British but had been in Sarasota for 18 years, running a business. Almost two years later, things had progressed and they decided to be married in a way that would be memorable and special. North Star employees and a photographer and videographer, Diane and her assistant Paul, joined in and recorded the private celebration that lasted about an hour and a half.
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