Lord of Sipan Tomb of Treasures

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Lord of Sipan, also known as "La Huaca Rayada," one of the most important archeological sites in South America.  The Moche burial site was discovered in 1987 by grave robbers. This site is being excavated. The treasure trove included gold, silver, copper and semi-precious stones as well as hundreds of ceramic pots which contained food and drink for journey in the after life.  The Mochica leader was buried in all of this finery along with a warrior guard buried alive (with his feet cut off), three women, two assistants, a servant, a child, a dog and two llamas.    <br />
A local archeologist, Dr. Walter Alva, became aware of an influx of beautiful objects on the black market and realized a burial site was being ransacked in the Chiclayo area.  Investigations led to the Sipan pyramids.  After tense struggles between police and locals, eventually the remaining treasures were saved when people were trained to be guards and excavators.
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