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Artisanal gold smiths in Kolkata (Calcutta)....These guys make about 3-400 USD a month at the top end.  They live in the workplace... the clothes you see hanging above them are their clothes, their closet as it were.  At night they move the worktables aside and sleep on the floor and there are a few other places for them to crowd in to......Main contact for Kolkata is:.Surendra Kumar Bagda.Su-Raj Jewelry.+91 33 2367 set up all the artisanal goldsmiths... he buys from them...This little artisan contact is:.Kajal Khamrai.+91 33 2556 6918.Mobile is:  98304 69411..Main contact is fixer Vinay Diddee his wife Neha made many of the number is +91 80 4132 0578. Vinay cell +91 98450 91377 and Neha's +91 98450 53695..Also a friend of Brook's helped us:.Mathew T. George.9995076160
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