Hundreds of Measuring Devices

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Identical eqiupment is set up to measure radiation since there is no guarantee the devices will last past 100 years.<br />
Grimsel radio active waste research site where they are studying disposal of waste in the depths under the Alps in Switzerland.<br />
They say their job is to be pessimists.  One 50 million dollar experiment proves "nothing is happening" and that is "good.<br />
Dr. Wolfgang Kickmaier and Heinz Sager take us through the Grimsel Test Site.  This is the only site where radioactive nucleatides are allowed to be released into the environment.  They are testing storage for nuclear waste.  By comparison, the Sandia labs are only allowed to release particles whose behaviour is similar to radioactive particles.  Sandia will come here to release their particles with the radioactive ones to make sure they do have similar behaviour.  They are trying to track with long experiments how radioactive waste would migrate thru natural materials (like granite) after all the containers break down.  They say their job is to be pessimists.  They show one 50 million dollar experiment where they say "nothing is happening" and that is "good."
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