Salvaging Wood for Building

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Shirley Ecklund is taking apart a house in town to salvage the wood for a new deck on their float house.  She works with her sons JJ Beesley (short hair) and Marcus Lee (longer hair) taking out nails.  Swede and Shirley Ecklund have lived 12 years in a  float house where transportation is only by boat or float plane.  They have cherry, maple and other trees as well as many other plants.  They are known as gourmet cooks and have an unofficial restaurant.  People stop by almost daily for meals. They used to cook for logging camps but have had many other lives. Swede was a professional boxer..Now he is the president of the school board.  Swede & Shirley take in foster boys - only kids who have gotten in trouble with the law, and would otherwise go into a detention home..They live on Piggy Cove--named for a pot belly pig for 12 years (t died this winter) and now they have a dog named Meatball.
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