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Main Contact for Burela Bonita Festival.President  Asociacion Ledicia.Rocio Rivera Seara.Cellphone 616995097.Phone 34 982 da Lamestra, 20, 4.Burela.27880 Lugo..Bonito del Norte.Principe azul.Germo Alalunga..Vicepresident.Jesus San Jose Arranz.Cell 655996220876545 ..General Information:..The town of Burela is composed of fishermen on the Northern coast of Spain in Gallicia.  Their main catch is Bonito (Bluefin Tuna).  They also catch HakeÉ The tuna went down when the French came in with drift nets and they hijacked one of their boats in 1994 to show all the illegal netsÉ the tuna has come back some since then, but the hake is still waningÉ.The town prepares 5,000 meals of bluefin tuna on the first Saturday of August.  This takes 320 bluefin, and 3200kg of fishÉ Most of it is barbecued and some is boiled and some is used in a sandwich like pieÉ  100 people work there for free as gift back for the community.  They feed between 8 and 10,000 people...Man holding FISH TROPHY is:.Mario Ferreira Basanta.66 years old.c/ Suafonte, 28, 2nd Floor.Burela .27880 Lugo.982 58 00 79.Fished since he was 16 until 58.He used to catch bluefin and hakeÉ from 16-35 he says he was catching more tuna and then the French did drift nets and the bonita war in 1994.  Boats from the north of spain went to kidnap the French boat and brought it to Burela.  Then in 1998 they stopped the drift nets.  This year they only went out 120 nautical miles for bluefin which is near for themÉ before they had to go as far as the Azores to catch bluefin.  He also said the Hake is going down...11 year old girl with white hatÉ cleaning glassesÉ..Nerea Santos Caladrid.34 982 580547.c/ Arcadio Pardinas, 139, 4th floor.Burela .27880 Lugo..Big woman with black and white dressÉ.Maria Elena Iglesias Eijo.c/ O Rio, 11 4th floor, door 5.Burela .27880 Lugo.982 580017.Cell phone 652 63 2215.HER DAUGHTER in purple t-shirt.Sonnia Lopez Iglesias.Same address and telephone..Frame 00198 e
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