Trendy High Heels and Crocodiles

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Finely dressed patrons in Guangzhou walk by restaurants that serve huge live reef fish and attract attention with live crocodiles on the floor of the mall. The crocs mouths were taped shut, and they would be meals soon, but people would be walking along, talking on their cell phones, not paying attention and trip over live, hissing, charging crocodiles.<br />
<br />
Initially reef fish only came from the South China Sea, but transport developed and fish now come from all over S.E. Asia.  The whole reef fish trade crashed with the 97-98 HK stock market crash.  LRF trade is directly linked to economy.  With China coming online financially the trade is booming.  These fish are often used for celebratory meals in Hong Kong, but in Guangzhou the fish are so cheap and the apartments are so small that many people eat out...  And the stereotype is that there is lots of food left on the table.  Often a fish is popular because of its color... more than its taste.
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