Fishermen Live On Boat at Camp

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Ust Bolsheretsk area fishing along the Bolshaya river.  These fishing brigades use tractors to tow one end of the net and then bring it around full circle in the river to cinch in the fish. The net is then dumped into small boats that have nets laid in them that the crane uses to pick them up and dump them into trucks that go to the processing plants in Ust Bolsheretsk .This brigade is south of the town of Oktyabrski.  They are not fishing today because the weather and tide conditions are bad.  There are also passing days when they have to allow the fish to get up river so other communities... Indigenous etc.. can fish as well up river.<br />
They are making a fishing camp out of a beached ocean going vessel.  This ship could be used for fishing, but right now it is just their camp during fishing season.
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