Candles in Heart Shape for Wedding Couple

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Wedding Info:.Bride is 7 months pregnant.  Her name is Miroslava Osipova.  Groom is Ivan Osipova. Lyudmila Khalilova is in photos in mirror with bride doing her hair.  She is technically the aunt, but they took the bride into their family after the brides mother died.  Lyudmila's husband is Radion Khalilova... he is in photos in kitchen stirring bowl of caviar.  There are three girls in the house that morning that are also part of the family... Inna (youngest girl in GREEN dress) and Evgenia (Gold dress) Khalilova and Albina Tololo (in blue curlers in many photos).  At the wedding, there are two MC's... the sister of the groom is Natalia Makarova (there are many photos of her two young girls... Anna in blue dress and Ksenia in pink dress... dancing) and the other MC in orange plether is Yana Mamicheva.  Photos of young girl in red dress and white bows in hair is Anastasia Ilinskaya.  Best man is Leonid Petukhov and Maid of Honor is Victoria Ukipa.  Older woman who is fake bride in the home that morning is Tamara Nutaime...ALL ARE RELEASED.....
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