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Senevisa fish processing plant in Dakar.  Only three percent of the production of this plant is consumed by the local market.  The prime fish and cuttlefish leave this plant in styrofoam fresh packs at 5pm in Dakar and are at the Paris Orly airport at 6am..The women on the production line are taking the scales off Red Mullet.  And there is a lone butcher working on bigeye tuna...Contacts at plant are:.Claude Prosper Dieme, head of production Laurent Sina, Quality Control, Viera SA:  I met Eduardo in Vigo Spain at his headquarters.  He has many fishing and factory operations all over the world including 9 factory ships and two processing plants in Senegal...Anibal Serafin Fernandez Souto is the guy in charge for Eduardo in Senegal.  His mobile is +221 638 5152.Nouveau Quai de Peche.B.P. 1557 Dakar Senegal.+221 889 6868 office.823 6861 address:.Avda Orillamar.B.P. 1075  36202 Vigo Spain.986 21 32 00 home..Industrialized fishermen pay a license to fish, but then there is no limit for how much they can catch.  The artesenal fishermen are not regulated in any way.  The govt is realizing they have to have some control and banned fishing in November and are opening 5 MPA's...600,000 Senegalese participate in the fishing industry.  When you multiply that number times the 6 or 7 kids they each have and other dependents, you can see that this is a significant percentage of the 12 million Senegalese.  Eighty percent of the fish caught are caught by artesinal fishermen.
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