Water Buffalo Slaughter

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Victor Rostron kills a water buffalo.  The entire group of Saltwater Rangers skin and dress the animal.  <br />
The story behind this is that Victor's car had bogged down when the group was going over land for bush tucker. It wasn't this marshy the last time he was out.  Victor sees a hint of a buffalo thru the thicket and goes running off across the swamp... we hear multiple shots and we all head off across swamp... I am still a little shaken from being chased by a crocodile the previous day.  And then the kid rangers come back and say the water buffalo is only wounded and very angry.  My fixer informs me that there is only one thing more dangerous than an angry crocodile... a wounded water buffalo....There is a group of male rangers in one troopie and a group of females in another troopie.  They shared the meat from the kill, but they had separate cars, separate campfires, separate meals and a separate swim.  The women swam with the kids.  Michelle Hatt is the white female ranger in charge of the women's ranger program.  Before being in charge here, she was a ranger at Kakadu.
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