Horse Drawn Sled

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A Ladin farmer drives his sled across the farm that has been in the family for generations.  They have close ties to the old ways--still using a horse and sled for spreading fertilizer.  And they love to dress up in the old costumes that are part of the Ladino culture. <br />
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These folks dress up for religous occasions etc....Lorenzo Miriboch lives alone in the Cianz district of the town La Valle... We knocked on his door and window for 20 minutes and finally a hand came across the curtain and a voice came out saying "nobody home."  We then got a neighbor to bring him out and by the end of our stay he was kissing Melissa and wanting to bring us more Schnopps...  And also a funeral in the central area of La Valle...  there are a few photographs of Lorenzo carrying water from the cattle trough because his pipes are frozen.
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