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Old woman with bits of bush meat is boke Mwita and the village is Bisarara. .Paul Jones (the Jones of Dow Jones) has pumped 20 million dollars into Grumeti Reserve and conservation efforts to date and has nothing yet that will recoup that money.  Before he can bring wealthy tourists in on their lear jets, he has to bring the animals back into Grumeti Reserve.  To do that, he and his team are doing everything right for conservation.  The human bycatch from their private army of anti-poaching team is another story, but in terms of conservation, they are doing a great job.  ..Their anti poaching effort has probably just moved the big-time poachers elsewhere.  This private army has no authority to do house to house searches, but they do anyway.  Money talks and this army brings a local policeman and Park Ranger in tow.  If the policeman discovers a little marijuana, it can mean 6 months in jail for the offender... Even though everyone knows all the Wakuria grow pot... The private army has been so effective, however, that the wildlife probably will come back to where the wealthy tourists can view it from their infinity-edge pool at their $2000 a night luxury home.  But the human bycatch is too severe and hostility is building up in the communities...The Grumeti Reserves are trying to reshape the entire northeast corner of the park area.  They hire 1400 workers from the neighboring communities and have an extensive outreach program.  They are trying to create programs where they can replace the protein lost from their crack down on poaching.  They have a fish farm program with the Heifer project that allows folks to farm Tilapia.  They also employ only people from the local villages to do construction. They are developing a five star hotel and an exclusive camp that will cost 1500 to $2000 a night and only put 40 more tourists a day into the park.  Albeit by helicopter.  They are pumping money back into the community (unlike the Masai situation) and have to according to T
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