Iceland Kiss

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Revelers in downtown Reykjavik stay up all night on Friday and Saturday and trash the downtown area.  Even though 70 percent of Icelands income is related to fishing, only a few percent of its population is employed in the fishing industry.  They have become so successful, wealthy and automated that many Icelanders don't take the time to stop and think about where their wealth came from.  The menial jobs are taken by foreign workers.  Very few Icelanders work in the fish factories or in other menial labor.  In fact when the reveling is done, the same workers show up on the streets to pick up the beer cans to get a little extra money...Couple kissing at 5am Saturday night is:.Sigridur Hardard (woman) 866 0720.Selbraut 26.170 Seltjarvarn .Iceland.Einar Hraffnsson (male) 866 5544..They are released.
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