Nuns Sing in Garden

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Novices studying to become nuns sing in the garden behind the walls of Santa Catalina Convent. The young cloistered nuns are allowed a break in their silence as they learn the strict life in a convent. Seven times during the day the nuns go to their chapel for chorus and pray. Contemplation is the most important thing in their lives and as well as study.<br />
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Monasterio de Santa Catalina was built in 1580.  Of the 30 cloistered nuns, the youngest nun is 15 and the oldest is 98. They begin their day at Mass, then the novicias have class and activities studying theology, music and the Bible. For their work, they embroider, make parsley soap, creams, cookies and iron. Older nuns make  the wafers for communion. They never leave the premises unless they have special permission to go to the doctor and to vote. The founder was supposed to have accepted girls from the finest of Spanish families. The nuns today take the traditional vow of poverty.
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