Cactus on Hillside Overlooking Ruin

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The view 600 feet up on Cerro la Raya or peror Purgatory Hill includes at least 28 pyramids, plazas and crumbling walls spread over 200 hectares barren land void of little vegetation but cactus.  The citadels and platform mounds and a ceremonial center are of the Lambayeque people (1000-1400 AD).  Tucome was developed by the ancient Chimu and Sipan cultures.  The archeological ruin is a destination in northern Peru...Legend involved a spirit living in the mountain that is a magical ray that flew out of the ocean and took refuge there...Little is known about the archeological site although it is being investigated by a team led by Thor Heyerdahl who wrote Pyramids of Tucume-The Quest for Peru's Forgotten City. The site is located 30 km north of Lambayeque on the Pan American highway.
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