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Owners of big dogs (over 35cm) that live within the sixth ring in Beijing have an illegal pet.  So many have purchased treadmills after the crackdown last July when pets were pulled out of the hands of their crying owners.  Some dogs were beaten to death in front of them.  A group had a protest about it in front of the zoo because there was suspicion that some of the dogs were being fed to the tigers.  20 of them were arrested.  The dog on the treadmill is a Siberian Husky and its baby was given to another owner and was confiscated and killed.  Even shows on TV that have a positive attitude toward pets are banned... the activists say. Beijing police are starting another crackdown within the 6th ring from May 1st until June 30, 2007.  So these folks are starting to train their pet on their friends treadmill. ..The activists say dog owners tried to take policemen to dinner and bribe them but it did not work.  They will send undercover photos of the warehouse where all the pets were taken... they say the policemen sold the nice animals and sent the rest to the zoo...I only have this couples names in Chinese on the release, but their emails are:.sunzss@163.com.leosunbj@sohu.com
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