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This was the most difficult kind of photograph to make.  It took six trips to just get a few relaxed photographs.  It was like I was from Mars... They were constantly staring at me.  I made the mistake in one of the hunting camps (A full days walk from the road) of taking off my shirt in the middle of the camp.  Somehow I knew it was the wrong thing to do, but they were all half-naked and I thought: "What the Hell?"  But the minute I took off my shirt 70 Pygmies all screamed out at the same time... too much paunchy middle aged white flesh for folks who had never seen that before.....These folks all had shelter for the night in about two hours.  Women bend the branches to create a superstructures and then go off in the woods to get the right kind of leaves.  The Forest Hunting camps we hiked to are about 10k to the camp and then another 10K to where they string their nets.   Boys who are going thru the end of the circumcision ceremony called Kumbi accompanied the other Pygmies to the camp and were housed off to the side.  They were whipped every morning and then sent off into the forest to hunt or fish...
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