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Rajesh Exports Limited is the biggest exporter of gold in the world.  They are also the only private company allowed to import gold into India.  They move 70-75 metric tons of product out of their factory every year.  A standard number for waste in their industry is 3 to 3.5 percent.  Their waste is only .3 percent.  There are over a thousand people working in a huge building that resembles a prison.  95 percent of them also live in company housing.  They go to great efforts to not lose any gold... including a sewage plant.  So if any of the worker ingest gold in any way... when they poop it out, it is recovered...All Indians own about 17,000 metric tons of gold.  That is the second largest to the central banks that own 32,000 tons.  It is cultural, but also the rural areas have not had good banking systems... the tax rates have been high historically... including a death tax that took everything under the moguls... so gold is hoarded... off the books... the only thing Indians think has real value...
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