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This family is renting an apartment and plans to use their mother's capital to help buy their own apartment.  Ulyana Kabanov and her husband Ilya, their 8-year-old daughter Kseniya and their 4-month-old new baby share a one bedroom apartment.  They did not deliver at the clinic I photographed in because the father wanted to be at the birth and they charge an additional $3,000 for that.  He gets to share a room with the wife so there are reasons but they thought it was too expensive.   They also say that the city of Moscow pays around $800 for the first child when it is born.   Ilya says Putin and the new oil and gas wealth ushered in a period of stability that also brought a relative baby boom starting around 2002, 2003.  Also mothers in the Soviet time gave birth at around 19-25... they were assured a job as a comrade and felt stable at an earlier age.  Now the age is basically 25-32 for the first child, he says now they need assurance that their career is stable before they bring a child into the picture..Moscow is very expesive... many things are covered by the government, but an average salary is around $70 a day... but if you go even 100KM outside of Moscow, people earn around $30 a day.  So if the mother's capital gains interest over the three years before they can use it and is around $14,000 that is almost two years salary for people just outside of Moscow..There are 117,000 delivered in 2009 in all of Moscow.  1,800,000 were born in Russia in 2009 which is 27,000 more than the deaths that year.  So Russia is basically at the replacement rate, but there are not as many breeders in the lineup moving forward... so the state has instituted a number of policies including free housing for immigrants and a one time payment of over $10,000 for a woman to have either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby.
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