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ÒSave the Pygmies FoundationÓ Building Front..Save the Pygmies (Programme de Assistance au Pygmy--PAP) took us to camps outside Beni.  They are based in Beni where there are no pygmies.  They had an office in Edou but they say it is too dangerous for them to work there.   We visited two camps of pygmies... the first camp had leaf huts and were basically refugees without a forest.  The second group had mud huts that I have only seen with Bantus... they have become sedentary.  The OFP still has wildlife... there are many empty forests around there with no forest elephant or forest giraffe... by the time logging gets to an area, it is completely bereft...  these pygmies are trying to survive in a yet worse situation around developed cities of approximately 225,000-450,000 (2002 census).....
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