Bride with Gold Jewelry in her Hair

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This is an arranged marriage between two coffee plantation owner families 5 hours from Bangalore in Chikmagalur, India.  The girls family approached the wealthier coffee plantation family and was accepted.  She is wearing the wedding jewelry of her extended family.  The piece in her hair is 2KG and over 100 years old.  The workmanship places its value at around $500,000 USD.  Total wealth hanging off this bride is about $700,000.  There were times when it was painful for her to keep her head straight...We drove to Chikmagalur and first met up with the bride Nagavika C.R. at her house. On that day, we also met her father Mr. Ravi Shankar, sisters Kavya and Supreetha. Her cousin Shilpa Kiran was the one who was explaining about the jewellery to us...We also drove up to meet the groom Vignesh Gowda.
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