Wild Iguanas Tamed As Pets

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Desiree Wong holds two Ciman rhinocerous ignanas outside the National Reptile Expo in Dayton Beach Florida. She was with the Save the Carribean iguanas booth. The pet industry is largely responsible for importing exotic pets. There are few controls of what can be brought in--22 of 24 species of pythons as available as well as boas, crocodiles, iguanas, bird-eating spiders. <br />
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The US dominates both import and export in the booming reptile trade. <br />
More than 2.5 million reptiles are brought in annually. Enough are released "into the wild" when they become too large or require too much of an owners time, that feral colonies of green lizards, boa constrictors, cane toads and 32 exotic species have set up housekeeping in Florida. In turn, Florida ships out 9.5 million reptiles including 8.5 million red-eared slider turtles from the farms and swamps of Louisiana. They are exported for food sources in Asia, but are now illegal.
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