Bown Bear in Glacier Park Meadow

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A brown bear on a hillside causes a "bear jam" in Glacier National Park as tourists stop their vehicles to watch with fascination.  Rangers often come onto the scene moving people along because as the bears become more accustomed to humans, they loose their fear.  Bear attacks are not out of the ordinary in this park. The bears come down low onto the hillsides to eat huckleberries in the late summer.   This park is one of the last bastions of grizzly bear country.  Moose, elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep--at least 57 species of mammals and 210 species of birds also make the region their home.   Thousands of waterfalls tumble from glacial snow masses into lakes and streams, surrounded by fog-covered primitive forests.   Mount Cleveland, Glacier's highest peak, measures 10,448 feet.  Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park is the official name because the area covers Canada, spilling over into Montana.
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