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A driver washes his windshield while waiting to unload a container ship at the Port of Oakland, the 4th largest port. Officials says that they have been working toward having cargo ships exchange their ballast water at sea before entering San Francisco Bay. The fouling of water with invasives happened historically when the oyster industry was running in CA. But in recent history, cargo ships and tankers have been blamed.<br />
Cargo ships carry less water and dump less water, and they are starting to exchange at sea more often. But the <br />
numbers of cargo ships is on the increase. No one knows the effect of increased numbers but less water fouling--organisms that live in ocean waters are not going to survive the bay waters in high numbers. Oil tankers carry more water, but they carry it longer (lesser <br />
survival rate of organisms)--also the Alaskan Valdez port is likely most vulnerable to tankers because they dump when exchanging for a heavy load of oil before heading south.
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