Broken Down Truck Reflections

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Worn vehicles are proof of the hard life in the Republic of Georgia.  Rain leaks through a canvas roof full of holes. A windshield wiper on one side is just a stick, grating across a broken window.  The driver has unbolted his window and thrown it in the back, but because of the rain, he stops to bolt it back on.  He takes apart the hubs and part of the axle of the jeep to engage the gears.  He tries to keep the jeep running with 4 bald tires, 2 bald spares, an engine that needs a liter of water every ten minutes, and a door that opens only with a screwdriver. He  has 20 gallons of gas sloshing around in the back, and  he hopes the jeep keeps running long enough to take him to his native Khaketi.
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