Sea of Cowboy Hats

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Trainers created a sea of hats as they gathered at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame for a pre-competition event. Extreme Mustang Makeover featured100 Trainers, 100 Mustangs, 100 Days  for a competition that awarded a $25,000 prize to the winner.  <br />
<br />
Mustang Heritage Foundation and the Bureau of Land Management created the competition to raise awareness of the value of mustangs, and to showcase the beauty, versatility, and trainability of these rugged horses.  <br />
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In an amazing display of horsemanship that included cracking whips, shooting balloons and a chain saw, 12 trainers faced off in the finals.  Veteran cutting horse trainer Guy Woods won the competition with  Kitty Lauman placing second.<br />
An adoption followed the event where one horse brought $58,000 and could have been bought for $125 from the BLM.  The 75 mustangs that made it through the event were adopted for a total of $233,100.
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