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Net fishing just outside the port of Burela.  This boat goes out for the day and fishes for Hake etc...  They are not allowed to fish on the weekend because the stock is being depleted.  They also have larger holes in their nets...They only put one net out on this day because there were gale force 6 winds just off the coast and they were afraid they might get caught in them..There were northeast winds and a changing moon.  These waves were about as strong as these fishermen wanted to deal with in this little boat.  They almost didn't go out at all....Captain of the Ledicia is:.Churruca Novoa Novoa  home phone is: 982 581 650 mobile is: 667 05 77 18.address is:.Avda. da Marina, 67.Burela.27880 Lugo.Carlow Ramos is the sailor in the background of most of the photographs pulling fish out of the nets..The other sailor is Wilber Lorza (you mostly just see his hands).  The Captain is in the far right of the frames and you rarely see him...An aside the captain says the Quenlla sharks they catch periodically, they get 12 Euros a kilo for the fins and 1 euro per kilo for the body of the shark...Most of the fish they are catching are Salmonete (12E per Kilo), San Martino (Pez San Pedro) which goes for 18E a kilo and then some Bambas and Chicharros (cheap fish)...They only threw one of three nets and caught 32KG in one hour...The harbor of Burela last year officially made 60 million euros selling fish.
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